Full of memories and promises. Scenic Beauty and unpredictable sea combines lush evergreen pine forests and olive groves , with crystal clear waters , the traditional way of life in the villages, archaeological sites , trendy shops and nightlife .
The beauty of Thassos is definitely a great opportunity to enjoy nature . Lush forests of pine and fir trees , and land cultivated with olive trees cover the entire surface of the island and the picturesque villages revealed one after another . And while the captivating greenery enough a frisk for this lost time in the vastness of the Aegean. Creeks , beautiful beaches , wild cliffs and hidden caves promise thrilling experiences .
Thassos are organized two ports that can accommodate sailboats , these ports and the stairs Kallirachis.Episis whole island is dotted with sheltered coves where you can spend the night agryrovolontas . Each beach and a apokalypsi.Tha find sandy beaches and many secluded beaches that will make you feel like the first created in paradeiso.Makryammos , Depths , Bib , Fat , Glyfada , Papalimani , Lancet , Golden Beach in Skala Panagia , the Gold Coast Skala Potamia Koinyra , Paradise stack iAlyki considered and the pool on the island, fine sand Astris , Côte drink, Peukari , Côte Limenaria up Tripiti the Atspas Skala Maries , Côte Kallirachi Coast Savior , Côte thickets Skala Prinos and others.