The idea of a small Greek island usually brings to mind images of sandy beaches and blue sea . Samothrace , already there is more to add : besides these traditional virtues , a huge mountain , stretched in the largest area of ​​the island , impresses the visitor , while calling him to follow one of several paths to the Moon … as named the highest peak of the mountain Saos the highest peak in North Aegean 1617m.

The island is a combination of wildlife and extraordinary beauty . Mountains and sea, rivers and towering waterfalls with crystal clear waters that flow in ponds ( vathres ) , forests and wild unspoiled nature painted all of palette and forgotten god of human hand , is a paradise that promises the best holidays to any traveler .
The nature except rare landscapes and special natural beauties , » donated » to the island and springs with important therapeutic properties . The hot springs , known since the time of Byzantium for their great therapeutic value , hide a huge geothermal field and dominate the entrance to the village of Therma . The only possibility for bathrooms in warm baths , sea and Pedestal – natural ponds that create waterfalls , gives the visitor a unique experience of rejuvenation and relaxation while the rich waters and green landscape of the traveling with a unique and revealing way.

Samothrace is ranked 7th in the list of top 100 alternative tourist destinations in Europe . Honored with the 2012 Gold Award as a qualitative coastal destination in the European Union Beach and Coastal Area (European Coastal & Marine Union EUCC). The coast of Samothrace is delivering crisp , lacy , covered with white or black » pebble «. On the south side of the island awaits Pahi Ammos , o exotic bush and the beach of Kipi found in the easternmost part of the island is dominated by dark gray-black pebbles , revealing the secret beauties of Samothrace . The port in Kamariotisa can accommodate sailboats.