Lemnos is the eighth Greek island with an area of ​​438 square kilometers and is the fourth coastline ( 260 km ) ! This means that it has many beaches and surely one of these will fully meet your needs !

Whether you want a quiet and secluded beach , or looking for a beach bar with secular and activities , it is certain that you will find … here in Lemnos !
Located in the northern Aegean Sea, the Thracian Sea, between Mount Athos, Samothrace , Imbros and Lesbos . The capital and main port of Lemnos is Myrina .
Lemnos is a volcanic island . Although not forests , has extensive plains cultivated with cereals and vines . Also has beautiful and clean beaches and is an ideal island for a relaxing vacation . The island’s population is around 18,000 .
To the north of the island of Lemnos , 3 km above the village Katalakko and near the beach of Gomati , lie the famous Dunes in an area of ​​70 acres . The Dunes are an extremely rare and allokosmo landscape , attracting more and more fans of curiosities of nature.
The Sahara of Lemnos !

As the Sahara , and so on Lemnos , strong northerly winds constantly reshape the form of these golden mountains of sand , resulting in an unusual optical sight against the blue sea . Lemnos will find two ports which can comfortably accommodate istiofora.Sti Myrina and Moudro .