Agios Efstratios or Ai Stratis , as the locals call their island has an area of ​​45 sq. km . Its terrain is volcanic with little green but with rich subsoil .
The highest peak is the » mark » ( 298 m ) . Around it there are several islets and Micronesia . The entire island is listed in the «Natura 2000″, as it is high, the level of conservation of ecosystems .

The only settlement on the island , located the small community located on the northwest coast , where the picturesque harbor of . Today the island live 250 residents . Engaged mainly in fishing and farming, agriculture and tourism .
In recent years with the development of tourism Agios Efstratios is gaining friends , who expressed high praise for its beauty. The pristine beaches, fresh fish and the exceptional quality cheese attract many visitors every summer . On the island there are small guesthouses and lodgings , restaurants and coffee bars , which enable tourists to enjoy the hospitality and the tranquility of the place . The island operates a gas station and office rental motorbikes and cars . It also has a helipad , while the port can accommodate a sufficient number of yachts.For swimming offered the beautiful beaches of the island , Agios Antonios , Agios Dimitrios , Ftylio , Lidario , and Mary Reed . The village’s beach has umbrellas , showers and cabins .