Alonissos is the ultimate setting for a truly relaxing holiday. It is the most distant cluster of Sporades and the only inhabited predominantly in the Sporades National Marine Park , created in 1992 . It forms refuge for rare birds and especially the monk seal monachus monachus.
The Country is an absolutely beautiful little village with small cafes that overlook the Sporades , local art shops and beautiful rooms . Island with beautiful beaches and countless small deserted islands in amazing natural environment inhabited by people responsibly protected and highlighted . The first thing that visitors encounter Alonissos is Patitirion picturesque harbor and capital of the island , which took its name from the wine presses , when the main occupation of the locals were viticulture .
Is pine areas in the southern part with hiking trails and beautiful scenery , and beaches with crystal clear waters . Ideal for nature lovers and for those who seek the crowd and bustle on summer holiday , Alonissos , offers a quiet and relaxing stay while can satisfy requirements and nature of the visitor as well as for hiking and sea excursions. Finally , Alonissos has something special that sets it apart from all other Greek islands : the seabed . Hundreds of shipwrecks , ancient and modern, located on the seabed around Alonissos .

Most beaches you will find in Alonissos is organized and pebbles . Almost all beaches are pine landscapes and therefore turquoise waters.
The National Marine Park may not be exactly what you have in your mind . It is a vast area of 2,200 square kilometers in the northeastern portion of the seeds . The purpose of the Park is to protect the very rich fauna comprising more than 300 species of fish , dolphins , whales , coral rare , endangered bird species and of course the Mediterranean Monk Seal Monachus Monachus. Besides the sea area , the Park includes the Alonissos island , 6 smaller islands ( Pigeon , Kyra Panagia, Psathoura , Pepper , Skantzoura and Jura ) and 22 vrachonisides.To Patitirion and Stenivala are two small ports will become bases of operations on excursions , Alonissos and barren